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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Delivery

At Wholesale Car Accessories, we offer two primary methods for shipping:

1. New Customers:

  • Can supply us with their own carrier over the phone at 855-694-6730.
  • Setup your own pickup time and delivery times. We'll prepare the order with the exact number of pallets, weights, and measurements. 
    • Most orders require at least 24 business hours to process. 
  • Any order that included a working phone number will receive a courtesy call from our company to confirm the purchase and method of shipping.
  • Any order MISSING a working phone number will NOT receive a courtesy call, and the order may be cancelled without notice, depending on the circumstances.
    •  If you forgot to add a working phone number, please contact us as soon as possible to prevent unwanted refunds, returns or cancellations.

2. Registered Customers

  • Can designate a shipping profile with our company for any future purchase for FASTER processing.
  • Registered customers often use either our carrier rates or their own for the best savings.
  • Once a customer is registered with our company with a shipping purchases, orders are processed do not require follow-ups. 
    • Exceptions may apply.